Brand Presentation

A brand presentation is a way that you can present your final designs to your client in the best possible way. It can help your client really understand the direction of the branding, envision how the brand could look, and really get a feel for the proposed brand.


01 / Information about the business

It’s really good is to include a backstory about the current business you’re designing for and some brand words to summarise the brand’s direction. You really want to start telling the business’s story here.

02 / Stylescape/moodboard and direction

The direction and stylescape/moodboard would have been agreed previously with you and your client, but it’s really good to include this stage in your brand presentation as a reminder of the direction of the brand identity and where the original inspiration was gathered from.

03 / Logos and their variations

When showcasing the logos, I found the most important thing to include is, your design decisions. So really explain why you have designed the logo or design in a specific way, making it super clear to your client. Showcase all the variations and make it clear what the variations can be used for.

04 / Typography

A consistent set of fonts should be used across a brand so it’s really important to include these and showcase these on what they should be used for. I like to give a visual preview in the brand presentation of the fonts being used with one another, so the client has a clear visual of exactly how their fonts could be used across their brand.

05 / Colour palette

The brand you have designed should have a complementary colour palette that is distinct to your client. Here’s where you can showcase the beautiful colours and why each colour has been strategically chosen for the brand. Once again writing out your design decisions creates less confusion for the client.

06 / Brand patterns & elements

If you have used a pattern or element across the branding it needs to be showcased in the brand presentation. Make sure you’re writing about each part of the pattern whether this includes, shapes, symbols, lines, etc and explain why they have been specifically designed for this brand.

07 / Photography style & direction

Including images that fit in with the style of brand will be really beneficial for the client as it can set the tone. Showing a direction that the client can follow shows that you’re the professional and making decisions on your own based on the brand. This can also help your client really get a feel for the brand and gives them a direction in the future to follow when having their own brand photoshoot.

08 / Social media feed example

If your client is predominantly on social media and uses social media to target their specific audience it’s a great way to show them some examples of what their social feed could look like with the implemented branding. This builds excitement for the client of what could be.

09 / Mockups

Mockups leaves a lasting impression on the client. It’s time to really sell the brand and create that wow factor. Mockups are going to give your client an insight into the possibilities of what the brand could be in a real-life situation.

10 / Giving feedback successfully

In the brand presentation state how the client should give feedback and how many days they have to keep on track with your timeline. You could also write something really nice here at the end about the project and how excited you are to hear from them.